We love meeting Linden Leaves fans like Bonni!

We met many wonderful fans of Linden Leaves last week at our Founder’s Evening event held at the Linden Leaves Parnell store. It was a fabulous evening where guests chatted with Linden Leaves’ founder, Brigit Blair, and learnt all about her natural skincare secrets!

At the event, we were lucky enough to meet Bonni – an Aucklander and Linden Leaves enthusiast! We asked her a few questions about why she’s such a fan of Linden Leaves…

What do you love about Linden Leaves?

I love that Linden Leaves uses natural products that have a gorgeous scent and packaging. I also like to support New Zealand companies and love the fact that Linden Leaves was started in Christchurch in Brigit’s kitchen.

What is your favourite Linden Leaves product and why?

I love them all but, if I have to choose, I’ll say the Miraculous Facial Oil is a product I wouldn’t do without. My skin is very dry and sensitive. I love that I can blend this beautifully scented oil into my other facial products for some extra hydration and luminosity!

How has Linden Leaves changed your life?

My skin is ultra sensitive and even products for sensitive skin react with mine! Not so with Linden Leaves! This is the first time that I have found a certified natural range that is improving my skin, with no adverse reactions. I am a fan for life!

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