Vegan beauty products: just a trend, or something more?

Veganism. Just a phrase you hear thrown around by Lululemon clad mums as they sip on their morning green smoothie after yoga class, right? Wrong! Veganism is so much more than a trend – it is an ethical mindset shaped to promote a more humane and caring world. It is this mindset that guides Linden Leaves as we navigate an industry traditionally dominated by chemical laden and animal derived products.

You’re probably noticing that society is becoming more and more conscious of the chemical and animal ingredients in many products, and where these ingredients come from. You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to care about these sort of things! Most people wouldn’t knowingly put chemicals in their mouths, so why would you put them on their skin?! We encourage our customers to make conscious and well-informed decisions about the brands and products that they use on their skin.

Linden Leaves is proud that none of our products are tested on animals, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians, and the vast majority of our products are suitable for vegans (exclusions are the Footcare Foot Massage Cream, our body butters, and Natural Skincare Lip Balm, which include manuka honey and beeswax). We take great care to ensure that our business does not have negative effects on the environment and lives of animals.

SAFEshopper, an initiative by SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation),  aims to help Kiwi shoppers use their consumer power to select cosmetic and household products that have not been tested on animals. Linden Leaves is proud to be listed on SAFEshopper as a company that does not conduct animal testing nor sells our products to countries requiring animal testing by law.

For more information on Linden Leaves’ ingredients and our efforts to be environmentally friendly, check out our FAQ.