Natural Skincare helps Fairy Taffy shine bright!

We were lucky enough to meet the wonderful Tiffany (Fairy Taffy) at the Linden Leaves Founder’s Evening in February. Here she shares how and why she came to love Linden Leaves Natural Skincare…

I have been using Linden leaves for over 3 years now and I am so grateful to Brigit [Blair, Linden Leaves founder] for creating this gentle yet effective skincare.

I started up a fairy entertainer business called Taffy’s Kids Parties in 2011 but all the costume makeup, face-paint and excessive amounts of glitter left my skin oily and I would break out like never before. Who will hire a “spotty fairy”, I thought, not to mention how wonderfully honest to a fault kids can be at times.

I tried lots of different skincare ranges designed to combat acne, from drug store brands to the $100+ ‘as seen on TV’ stuff, but the side effects from all those harsh chemicals were worse than the acne. My skin got really dry, red and blotchy with everything I tried and my fairy wishes weren’t working either!

But then one day my mum took me to the local pharmacy were a lady was demonstrating Linden leaves and she gave me some information about the Natural Skincare range. It sounded so good my mum brought me the Skincare Essentials pack containing the Purifying Cleanser, Balancing Toner and Essential Facial Moisturiser.

My hopes weren’t high. I thought it was going to be just ‘another product to try which will ultimately let me down, but at least its natural’… Well, once I tried the products that night I saw that they were different than the rest (in a good way!). They were so gentle, didn’t sting or burn like other ones I had tried, and had such a refreshing subtle scent. The skincare products were non sticky, easily absorbed and super hydrating. My skin just drank it up and within a week I noticed such an improvement in my acne, the dry skin had gone and my skin looked more alive, is this magic? (I thought to myself).

Now 3 years later and I am hooked. The Natural Skincare range has really helped me to shine bright as a fairy, princess, queen or fairytale character to make lots of children smile all over Auckland!

I now use the same Skincare Essentials products every day, and also the Soothing Eye Makeup Remover which removes that pesky fairy glitter better than anything else I’ve ever used!

My favorite product is the Porcelain Brightening Serum. This is my secret weapon against aging and dull skin. It’s like a facial in a bottle! The organic white tea and wild daisy flower extract ingredients bring brightness and life to my face and at 31 years old I’m proud to say that I have been asked by people many times if I’m 18-20 years old!

Thank you Linden Leaves for your magic Natural Skincare that has helped me to shine and spread joy and magic across Auckland .

Xoxo Fairy Taffy (Tiffany Burkett)